Maggie Miley's


Derived from an old familiy recipe, this stew has all the right ingredients. Guinness stout, seasoned cubed tender beef, potatoes, onion, carrots, peas and our secret beef broth served in a bread bowl with a side of our creamy mashed potatoes. All this makes for a healthy meal that you could eat morning, noon or night.
What can we say? Every pub in Ireland has its own recipe for Shepherds Pie, which helps them differ from their neighbors. Our recipe calls for all of the main ingredients such as ground beef, carrots, diced onion and, of course potatoes. The ingredient that helps the dish stand out is the blend of seasoning--ours is a closely guarded secret handed down through the generations of the Connolly family.
The reason we have this listed under entrees is because in Ireland people are known to eat this either breakfast, lunch or dinner. Three types of Irish sausage, Irish bacon, fried eggs, fried tomato; Irish baked beans and toast.
A generous portion of our creamy mashed potatoes topped with our homemade beef gravy surrounded by six tasty Irish pork sausage links
Fresh cod dipped in our Guinness beer batter served with chips and tartar sauce on the side. We recommend that you try some malt vinegar that we have imported form Ireland on your fish.
IRISH BEEF STEW or CHICKEN - This is a dish that is mostly popular outside of Dublin. First we have a freshly made potato pancake then we add the filling of your choice, fold the pancake and drizzle it with the appropriate sauce to compliment the choice of filling
This is a big Sunday treat for dinner in most Irish homes. Tender corned beef with cabbage water drizzled over it to add a wee bit of flavor, tender boiled cabbage and our cream mashed potatoes.
Grilled salmon steak drizzled with a creamy white parsley sauce and served with mashed potatoes and steamed vegetables.
A delicious butterflied pork chop seasoned with a secret blend of seasoning and mild spices with a side of our Cork sauce mashed potatoes and steamed vegetables.
10 oz N.Y. steak, grilled to perfection and served with our creamy mashed potatoes and steamed vegetables.
Tender chicken breast with our seasoned Irish bread stuffing, drizzled with our gravy and served with our creamy mashed potatoes and steamed vegetables.